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Michelitho Lidera

Aceptamos a gente que le interese participar en la guild sin exclusiones

[DNT] Michelitho Warlike is guild leader of Michelitho Lidera.
The guild was founded on Marlboro on 10 May 2019.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
[DNT] Hannibal
[DNT] Michelitho Warlike (#Mochila2018)
Grupo Especializado En Combate
[DNT] Tiz
Artilleria Pesada
[DNT] Ayuwoki Jeje
[DNT] Magito Niice (MZ)
[DNT] Nemo (Fuck All :))
[DNT] Sony Hp
[DNT] Truxasz (MZ)
[PRO] Truxaz
Infanteria Menor
Bij Tego Po Lewej
Skrrt (Brra Brra)
Skyam Tutin
Super Saiyan ((Loco,Humilde-Real)
Supremo I

Guild Statistic
Type Value
Guild Members 16
Guild Frags 6674
Online 3
Average Level 929
Lowest Player Venezolano (443)
Highest Player [DNT] Hannibal (1349)

Invited Characters
Magic Witch
[DNT] Baseado
[DNT] Best Law
[DNT] Comandanthe Crayola
[DNT] Compa Remzo
[DNT] Homero
[DNT] Kev
[DNT] Mafia ed
[PRO] Edward D Teach
[PRO] Lights
[PRO] Stucked

Latest update client: 24.01.2019
 Online: 84
 Accounts: 4659
 Characters: 4888
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